Family trees

Wierstra/Van der Horn/Van der Ploeg/Pijpstra

The above mentioned surnames are those of our parents. Researching the ancestors I went back in time in a straight line and after having found the ultimate ancestor I tried to find as much descendants as possible, following both the male and female line.

In the table below two ultimate ancestors of the family Wierstra are mentioned. This is because the "real" ultimate ancestor was Marten Eeltjes, but he was an illegitimate child. His father is unknown. Then I followed the line of his mother Bregtje Gaatzes (1780-1830), who married almost six years after the birth of Marten Eeltjes with Sake Wierstra (1768-1811). Gerben Klazes is his ultimate ancestor.

Cornelis Pieters (van der Ploeg) originates from Grijpskerk, a small village in the province of Groningen, where we still live. Jan Feikes comes from Augustinusga in the province of Friesland and the other ultimate ancestors lived in the north east of the province of Friesland.

surnames ultimate ancestor

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Wierstra (1)
Wierstra (2)
Marten Eeltjes (1805-1847)
Gerben Klazes (around 1705-1782)
Van der Horn (Vanderhorn) Jan Feikes (around 1700 - ca. 1780)
Van der Ploeg (Vanderploeg) Cornelis Pieters (around 1733 - 1809)
Pijpstra Rienk Gercks (married in 1658)

Many ancestors emigrated to the United States, mainly to Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Iowa.